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2012 Awards


2012 T.A.N.Y.S Festival Awards

  • Performance - Stephanie Paredes, Dandelion Wishes
  • Playwright -Imani Dodley, Dandelion Wishes
  • BMI Best Graphic Design - Eric Pray, Titanic - The Musical

2012 T.A.N.Y.S Roving Adjudicator Awards

Titanic - The Musical

  • Outstanding Vocal Ensemble to the Cast
  • Excellence in Vocal Direction to Charles Palella
  • Excellence in Orchestral Work to the Orchestra
  • Excellence in Costume Design to Carol Connors
  • Excellence in Acting to Billy DeMetsenaere for his portrayal of Henry Etches
  • Excellence in Vocal Work to Arthur Hildebrandt & Sarajane Fondiller as Isidor & Ida Straus
  • Meritorious Achievement in Vocal Work to Michael Epstein for his portrayal of Frederick Barrett
  • Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Roy Wise for his portrayal of J. Bruce Ismay

Dandelion Wishes

  • Excellence in Direction to Imani Dodley
  • Excellence in Acting to Wednesday Mann for her portryal of Kim
  • Excellence in Ensemble Acting to Tonya Cannon., Stephanie Paredes, Annette Ramos, Mark Block and Richard Lawrence
  • Meritorious Achievement in Playwriting to Imani Dodley

Hidden in this Picture

  • Meritorious Achievement in Ensemble Work to the Director and Cast

Hard Candy

  • Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Annie Leri for her portrayal of Jill
  • Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Jeff Moon

Collateral Damage

  • Excellence in Direction to Billy DeMetsenaere
  • Excellence in Ensemble Acting to Bryan Sanders and Robin Morris-Gaylord