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Cast Announcement for Chez Wallington

Published: February 2, 2022 Cast Announcement for Chez Wallington

Everyone's Theatre Company, Inc. is very excited to announce the cast of our 2022 presentation of "Chez Wallington," !. Congratulations to everyone, and thank you to all who auditioned, we hope to see you again soon!

Directed by Amanda Lobaugh:

Speed Date

 Mildred – Sarah Hart
 Giacomo – Ken Klamm

Speed Date II

 Mildred – Sarah Hart
 Maurice/Monique – Ken Klamm
 Date – Schuyler Kelley

Directed by Paul Scheib:

Just Say It Already

 Molly – Kathy Coughenour
 Yolonda – Laurel Schneiderman
 Seymour – Carl Webster
 Rude Patron – Schuyler Kelly

Heart of Gold

 Barry – Matt Ralyea
 Helena – Lory Love Restivo

Soldier’s Heart

 Molly – Kathy Coughenour
 Yolonda – Laurel Schneiderman
 Gwen – Meagan Zdep
 Lance – David Broadnax

Directed by Debbie Tompkins:

A Calamari Out of Water

 Robin – Gabriella Nozik
 Meg – Charlene Beckwith
 Chuck – Schuyler Kelly 
 Gil – Joey Campagna

An Act of Kindness

 Yolanda – Laurel Schneiderman
 Molly – Kathy Coughenour
 Darin – Devon Woodward

Directed by Al Young:

Critical Mass

 Molly – Kathy Coughenour
 Chef Boiardeux – Charles Palella
 Harlene DeCryer – Suzanne Bell
 Mr. Greene – Al Young Jr
 Mrs. Greene – Mary Reynolds​

Question Never Asked

 Tucker - Joey Campagna
 Dot -  Meagan Zdep
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